Obtaining Customer Needs

Traditional market research is helpful for understanding existing customers, but offers
little insight into the unmet needs of existing customers or the needs and wants of
prospective customers. Traditional market research offers few new, unique insights.
New tools and methods are needed to gain new insights.

To obtain better insight into needs and wants, you must use observational interaction:
voice of the customer, ethnography, customer experience journey and other techniques.


Our consultants work with your team to determine the depth of insight necessary for your innovation effort, and we recommend tools and techniques to gather these important insights.  Once the plan is complete we conduct the customer interactions with your team, to ensure the entire team has experience using the techniques and live interactions with customers and their needs.

Examples of our work

For a Medical Device company, we used ethnographic research and defined a customer experience journey map to understand gaps
in customer experience that led to new services and experiences.

For a credit card company, we sent our consultants and project team members into stores to observe how people used their credit cards.  We also used secret shoppers who were tasked with reporting on their shopping habits and how they chose which form of payment to use and why.  These insights led us to recommend new products and services based on the unmet needs we identified.