Skills Assessment

Based on years of leading innovation teams and careful review
of academic research,Radar Chart OVO has identified a number of traits that good innovators share.  From this research we developed the OVO InnoTraits™ Assessment, which helps identify the individuals in an organization who have a greater propensity for innovation, based on key demographic and psychographic traits.

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Online Assessment

Based on our findings we partnered with a research firm to develop a short online assessment.  The assessment helps identify individuals in an organization who have greater interest and propensity for innovation than their peers.  The assessment also identifies organizational strengths and gaps as they relate to innovation.  As innovation becomes more important, and the incidence and frequency of innovation increases, it’s vital that the best people participate on innovation projects.  Our assessment helps your firm identify your best innovators and place them on critical innovation tasks.

Assessment Insights

The InnoTraits™ assessment creates an aggregate picture of your organization, and from
the data you can identify people who demonstrate more passion and who possess these
critical traits in greater depth.

The assessment offers a number of insights for your organization:

  • Which skills or capabilities does the organization possess, and are there any critical gaps?
  • What skills or capabilities should we emphasize in training and skill development?
  • How can we improve our recruiting and hiring to acquire more of these skills?
  • How do we influence our management and leadership development to cultivate more of these skills?
  • Do we have people with good innovation skills who aren’t being included in these projects?


The assessment generates several reporting options, from an aggregate, corporate profile which allows executives to select the best candidates based on specific traits, to a report for each individual which illustrates the traits that they possess and compares the individual to the corporate average.

Summary Report

The corporate reporting allows executives to view the corporate averages for each trait and identify individuals who possess the traits in more depth.  In addition to reporting, this analysis allows the executive to slice and dice the data to build a team that possesses the most important traits to the greatest depth.  Viewing the corporate averages allows for the identification of skills development or cultural change initiatives.

Corporate Report








 Individual Report

The individual report provides insight for each individual, denoting the traits they possess and how
their traits or characteristics relate to the organization on average.  This insight can drive new education
or skill development and create better awareness about strengths and gaps.

Individual Report













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