Why we are different

Hundreds of firms offer innovation services. Finding a partner that aligns to your goals can be difficult.
Here are three methods to evaluate innovation consultants.

1 – Perspectives

Innovation consultants rise from five perspectives.  Understanding the perspectives
and implications can help you make choices about the services and outcome you desire.

  • Strategy consultants:        Offer strategic insight but lack implementation
  • Marketing and PR firms:  View innovation from a product or marketing lens
  • Design consultancies:       Approach all challenges from a design perspective
  • Training firms:                     Provide tools training but lack an integrated methodology

OVO represents the fifth perspective.  We think innovation is a core competency, linked to strategic goals, defined by consistent processes, enabled by people who understand innovation tools and methods, supported by an engaged corporate culture. Our perspective? Innovation is a business discipline.

2 – Insourcing vs Outsourcing

Further, you can divide innovation consulting firms into two significant camps:

  • Those that do the innovation work for you, suggest finished ideas and don’t engage your people
  • Those that work with you, in a team setting, to transfer knowledge and capabilities to your internal team

Our approach is based on small, deep teams that work with your staff, ensuring knowledge transfer.  We teach your team to innovate,
while we are innovating, so the skills transfer and your team can build innovation capabilities.
Benefit?  Your team develops innovation skills and competency.

3 – Occasional Innovation vs Innovation as a discipline

Plenty of firms provide innovation activities and tools to meet a specific need.  OVO offers discrete innovation programs focused on
idea generation or trend spotting.  But we focus on helping each client understand the depth and breadth of innovation as a consistent capability,
or as we describe it, a business discipline. Result:  Your organization develops innovative products and services consistently.