Five Competencies Assessment

Our consulting team, in partnership with Agility Innovation and other consultants, developed the Collaborative Innovation Reference Framework.  Within that framework we identified five key competencies that corporations must demonstrate and master in order to sustain innovation.  These competencies are:

  • Strategic Context – aligning innovation to strategic goals and providing a strategic context
  • The “Front End” – gathering customer needs, understanding trends and future scenarios, technology scouting
  • Systematic Innovation Process – defining, implementing and sustaining a workflow to manage ideas
  • Go To Market – the ability to translate good ideas into product or service development and launch successfully
  • Enabling and Scaling Infrastructure – teams, methods, culture, processes and tools that scale innovation activities

We work with our clients to assess innovation strengths in each of these five competencies, and identify gaps or areas in need of improvement.

After the innovation gaps are identified, OVO can help determine the appropriate innovation tools, methods, training
and skills necessary to improve or increase your innovation capabilities.