Idea Management, Evaluation and Selection

Anyone can generate ideas, but an effective innovation process can carefully consider the ideas, use established criteria to evaluate the ideas and determine which ideas deserve to move forward to development.  Most companies fail in this step of the innovation process, because little thought is given to how ideas should be evaluated, and who should do the evaluating.

We work with our clients to define standard, public evaluation frameworks.  These transparent frameworks ensure that everyone who submits an idea knows how ideas will be evaluated.  A standard evaluation framework also allows evaluators to build experience using the same frameworks – in other words, they can gain skills and get better over time.  Since machines can’t evaluate ideas, we train people in evaluation roles and frameworks so they can speed evaluation and bring the best ideas to light as new products and services.


Our work consists of defining evaluation frameworks and linking these frameworks into a consistent innovation process.  In addition, we work with our clients to identify capable idea evaluators who can master the evaluation frameworks and return timely feedback about any new idea.

Examples of our work

For a large insurance provider we defined the idea management process and built idea evaluation frameworks.  We identified key roles and responsibilities that align to idea evaluation, and trained a team of idea evaluators to evaluate ideas based on the evaluation criteria and project requirements.