Why we do what we do

We are innovation experts working to reinvigorate innovation skills, insights and competencies in organizations that need it most.

Every business started out as an idea.  As companies grow, innovation skills rapidly become dormant. Like a limb that atrophies from lack of use, innovation skills require more engagement and constant exercise.  We believe innovation must become a consistent business discipline, rather than an occasional or sporadic event initiated in response to a competitive threat.

After 30 years of emphasis on quality, business process re-engineering, Six Sigma, Lean, outsourcing and down-sizing, many businesses are highly efficient but lack innovation skills.  Business models are rigid, lethargic and not capable of innovating at a time when innovation is growing in importance.  The pendulum must swing back, balancing innovation and efficiency.

Efficiency is important, but efficiency does not grow revenue, market share or differentiation.  Only new products, new services, new business models which result from innovation can achieve the change you need in order to thrive in an increasingly competitive world.