Rapid Disruptive Innovation

Innovation objectives often seem mutually exclusive.  Incremental innovation
often happens quickly, while disruptive innovation requires more time.  This is
a false dichotomy – we think the best approach combines the best attributes
of these two alternatives – disruptive new products delivered in record time.

Our Rapid Disruptive Innovation methodology does just that, moving from
a defined opportunity or problem to a prototype of a disruptive new product
or service in 90 days or less.  We sometimes refer to this methodology as the
90 day BHAG.  We chose carefully, because 90 days is a standard corporate
stopwatch – one working quarter, and often the limit of a team’s ability to
focus on new functions and features.  A BHAG, as defined by Jim Collins,
is a Big Hairy Audacious Goal, and any truly disruptive concept is a BHAG.


Our 90 day BHAG methodology starts with a careful definition of a key
market problem or opportunity, and quickly speeds through our innovation
methodology, which includes scenario planning, customer needs assessment,
idea generation, idea evaluation and selection, prototyping and presentation
development.  In 90 days the team is prepared to present vetted prototypes
of disruptive products or services to a decision making body.

Examples of our work

For an international water treatment company, we provided our rapid, disruptive
consulting service to target a disruptive goal.   Within 90 days the team generated
three ideas that were funded for commercial development.