Ignidio – Idea Generation Space

It’s difficult to generate interesting ideas in corporate conference rooms or hotel meeting spaces.  Conference rooms are sterile. In-boxes beckon.
“Offsite” locations are only marginally more compelling.  They offer a break from the ordinary but lack energy and facilitation.
What’s needed is a compelling, off-site space that is local and also offers experienced facilitation services.


The IgnidioTM space and service from OVO provides Ignidio Idea Genan interesting “offsite” location
combined with excellent facilitation and prototyping services. We’ve developed the
Ignidio space with North Carolina firms in mind, those that seek an interesting “offsite”
location focused on innovation, idea generation and further idea development.

Our Ignidio service offers a compelling innovation space, coupled with OVO’s innovation
skills in trend spotting, customer needs assessment, idea generation, idea
management and prototyping.


Local, offsite and interesting

Our Ignidio space is located in North Raleigh, so travel costs are reduced.  The Ignidio space
is designed to spur innovation and creativity, much more interesting than a sterile cubicle
or boring hotel conference room.

Services beyond space

Ignidio is backed by years of innovation experience, featuring experienced facilitators,
so we can improve and accelerate idea generation. Beyond idea generation, we can help with
a wide range of innovation activities in a space tailored to your needs.

Catering to your needs

We cater to your needs.  Literally.  The Ignidio space has an adjoining kitchen where we can
provide meals and breaks.  The Ignidio space also offers a prototyping workspace to develop and
extend your ideas.

Contact us to learn more about our Ignidio idea generation space and services.