We work with our clients to assess their readiness and potential capability for innovation using three frameworks
that have proven successful in many client engagements.

Corporate Readiness Assessments

Five competencies framework

The Five Competencies  framework assesses five key competencies that successful innovators demonstrate.  Using this framework we quickly assess strengths and existing gaps to focus attention on the capabilities and gaps that matter most.

Executive Workmat

The Executive Workmat examines the roles and responsibilities of the senior executives, who must work together to define a strategic context and framework within which innovation can thrive.  Using this framework we assess the explicit and implicit program attributes necessary for innovation to thrive.  The workmat assessment tends to be a more strategic assessment of the conditions, environment and alignment for innovation.

Individual Innovation Traits Assessment – InnoTraits™

The InnoTraits™ assessment helps identify individuals who possess a number of innovation traits, who may be better innovators.  It identifies organizational strengths and areas for improvement.


Both of these assessments are short, typically two or three day workshops, with additional time for assessment and reporting.  These assessments identify areas of strength and competency, and areas or capabilities that must be developed or reinforced for innovation to take root.

Examples of our work

For a medical device manufacturer, we used the Five Competencies framework to assess current strengths and capabilities and identified
a number of process and skill gaps that were addressed in order to increase innovation flow and new product output.