Team building and Training

Innovation is based on a body of knowledge and incorporates skills that can be taught and learned.  Everyone can
play a role in an innovation program, even those people who don’t think of themselves as “innovative”.

OVO offers a wide variety of services focused on assessing team members, defining innovation roles, and training
people in innovation processes and critical innovation skills. These services include individual and team assessments,
role definition and deep innovation skills and tools training.

Skill Assessments

We use standard personality assessments including the Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory (KAI), Foursight and Creatrix to determine the skills and interests of people on an innovation team. This ensures the right mix of people on the team and that we place people in the roles and activities where they are most likely to be successful.

Innovation Roles

We define innovation roles that support innovation activities.  These roles can include trend spotting, scenario planning, customer observation, idea facilitation and idea evaluation.  People who are called on to perform these roles need to understand the tools and methods that will help them succeed.
Read our white paper about the people and roles you need to innovate successfully.

Innovation Training

We offer packaged and customized training on innovation tools and methods, and on the overall process.  It is our goal to create innovation “green belts” and “black belts” and populate every organization with individuals who understand innovation as a discipline and process.  Our Innovation Advocate program is a packaged training program meant to introduce a defined program of innovation tools in a comprehensive methodology.  We offer training on most innovation tools and techniques, as well as capabilities such as idea facilitation, trend spotting and other skills.


We offer standard training programs on innovation tools and methods which can be delivered as a stand-alone program or combined with innovation consulting. For example, our Innovation Advocate training is a standard four day course providing an overview of the entire innovation process, introducing a consistent methodology and a catalog of innovation tools and methods.

We offer training in every innovation tool or technique that we implement, including the Rapid Disruptive methodology, Open Innovation and the Executive Workmat.

Examples of our work

We’ve trained innovation teams in the US, Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, Latin America and East Asia. We’ve led innovation training workshops and programs for Fortune 500 firms, major universities and non-profits around the globe.

Jeffrey with an innovation class in Dubai

Dean leading a training program in Shanghai