Rapid Prototyping

No activity is more engaging and more insightful in the innovation process than prototyping.  We incorporate rapid prototyping as part of the idea generation and evaluation steps.  This prototyping is based on very simple materials that can create a rough representation of the idea, meant to spark new thinking and new perspectives.

These prototypes are often called “fast trash” since the prototype is meant to be developed with inexpensive materials and discarded.


We incorporate rapid prototyping in every idea generation activity possible, and in most idea management processes as well.  Rapid prototyping is invaluable for discovering new ideas, gaining quick feedback and exposing hidden features and faults.  Rapid prototyping can be conducted as a short workshop or part of a larger innovation project.

Examples of our work

For a water filtration company, we trained their teams to conduct rapid prototyping as part of a Rapid, Disruptive innovation project.  During the prototyping several new concepts previously unexplored were uncovered, leading to several new patents and new products.