We believe in the power of innovation, and its capability to transform people, businesses and economies.  We work with
three types of partners who help us extend our vision and deliver benefits to our clients.

Partners who extend our capabilities

No consulting firm can do everything that innovation requires.  We work with partners who help us offer our clients more benefit, especially in the areas of intellectual property management, market research and open innovation.  Please contact us if you’d like to partner with OVO.

Partners who provide innovation software

OVO started life as an innovation software and consulting vendor, so we recognize good software when we see it.  We partner with two firms specifically that we believe offer excellent idea management software, BrightIdea and Spigit.

Partners who extend our reach in other regions

We think innovation is vital in every region, in every geography.  However, our consultants are based in the US, which makes it difficult to offer our services on a consistent basis everywhere the services are required.

We are recruiting consulting firms that are interested in offering innovation consulting based on a proven methodology.  Currently, we have partners in:

  • Turkey
  • Colombia
  • Malaysia
  • UAE

If you have a consulting business in a region where innovation is taking root, and you’d like to offer innovation consulting services based on a proven methodology backed by an experienced team, contact us. We will train your team in our methodology, provide materials which can be customized for your market and coach you on the sales and marketing efforts necessary to start your business development.