Idea Generation

Idea generation and brainstorming fails when teams lack insights and context. We start idea generation only after a careful definition of the problem or opportunity, and only after gathering and assessing scenarios and customer needs.

Our idea generation methodology focuses on:

  • improved idea generation leadership,
  • introducing a wide array of idea generation tools,
  • establishing idea generation rules and best practices,
  • improving idea generation skills of the entire team.

We facilitate idea sessions for clients in our IgnidioTM space and in their corporate settings.
Further, we teach our clients how to become better idea generators and facilitators.


Our consultants work with our clients to conduct short idea generation sessions using our ThinkAway    IMG_1084[1]idea generation methodology.  Sessions can be conducted in your offices, in off-site locations or in our
IgnidioTM site.  We offer one or two day idea generation workshops, and we train our clients on our idea generation and facilitation methods.

We also work with our clients to gather ideas from business partners, customers and channels using Open Innovation.

Examples of our work

For a lawn and garden manufacturer we planned a two day idea generation exercise to develop ideas for new products.  Using our ThinkAway methodology we planned the event, conducted idea generation sessions, engaged the team in an off-site activity and compiled a list of over 300 ideas, 10 of which were prototyped, and several led to new products.